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Can you remember what it was like moving into your first home? Having to go and buy pots and pans, glasses and cleaning equipment. If you don’t have much time in Alanya and you want to avoid that then choose our kitchen package where all the essential cooking equipments are provided for you.

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600,00 €

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1 Electric kettle

The price includes delivering to the apartment Cutlery, dinner set and glasses in the packages are simple. Then it is also easier to replace, if for example a glass gets broken. All the electric equipment are form “Lider”, a known Turkish brand, where price and quality fits together. There is a 2 year guarantee on all the electric equipment.

The package contains:

8 Ordinary glasses
8 Red wine glasses
8 White wine glasses
8 Beer glasses
1 Jug
1 Wine rack
8 Knifes
8 Forks
8 Spoons
8 Teaspoons
1 Bread knife
1 Meat knife
1 Paring knife
1 Potato peeler
2 Ladles

8 Deep plates
8 Plates
8 Dessert plates
8 Coffee cup/saucer
1 Cream jug
1 Dish
1 Salt and pepper holder

1 Lemon juicer
1 Whisk
8 Egg cups
2 Ovenproof dishes
2 Bowls
1 Sieve
1 Tray
2 Bread board
2 Dish mat
1 Broom/floor cloth/sponge
1 Litter bin
1 Mop and bucket
2 Ashtrays
1 Draining tray
1 Cutlery tray
1 Plate holder
2 Frying pans
2 Pots

Electric equipment:
1 Coffee maker
1 Iron/ironing board